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On-Campus Resources

The University encourages those who have experienced Sexual Misconduct to seek support as needed at any time. The following are many of the resources available on campus that offer confidential medical support, confidential psychological/emotional support and interim protective measures (e.g., no-contact orders, housing options, academic concerns).  While some support options are confidential as noted below, others have a responsibility to report incidents to the University as responsible employees. For emergency situations contact campus police via 410-455-5555 or local police via 911.

Bobbie Hoye, Title IX Coordinator & Human Relations Officer
410.455.1606 |
UMBC Police
410.455.5555 |
UMBC Counseling Center**
410.455.2472 |
University Health Services**
410.455.2542 |
Women’s Center*
410.455.2714 |
Title IX Resources Team*

UMBC strives to provide a safe and welcoming campus environment that facilitates educational, professional and social growth for its students, faculty, and staff In honoring this commitment, the University has created a Title IX Resources Team. The Title IX Resources Team consists of a network of trained and diverse campus volunteers, who work collaboratively to provide information to individuals who have been subjected to conduct that is prohibited under the University’s Title IX/Sexual Misconduct Policy (“Policy”).

Speaking to a Title IX Resources Team member does not mean that an individual is required to file a complaint or access any additional resources. But it is an opportunity to learn about options, supports, and resources from a non-judgmental member, who will maintain an individual’s privacy to the fullest extent possible*. Further, there is no requirement to provide the Title IX Resources Team member with any identifying information, if an individual is not comfortable doing so. If you or someone you know has been subjected to conduct, prohibited by the Policy, including Sexual Assault, Relationship Violence, Domestic Violence, Sexual or Gender Based Harassment, Sexual Exploitation, Sexual Intimidation, or Stalking, you can contact one of the Title IX Resources Team members identified below. In case of an emergency call 911 or University Police at 410-455-5555.

Shawn M. Bediako 410-455-2349 Math/Psych, Room 306
Cory Bosco 410-455-3319 Commons, Room 2B14
Nicole Else-Quest 410-455-3704 Math/Psych, Room 325
Jamie Gurganus 410-455-8439 Engineering, Room E225J
Lisa Gray 410-455-8478 Commons, Room 2B23
Tom Mandato 410-455-3083 Retriever Activities Center, Rm 330
Tawny McManus 410-455-3856 Math/Psychology, Room 227
Samantha Smith 410-455-3752 Erickson Hall Room 040

*Quasi Confidential Support: University employees who are not required to share personally identifying information regarding an incident of alleged sexual violence to the Title IX Coordinator. Only general information such as the nature, date, time and general location of the incident is being reported by these individuals.

**Confidential Support: University employees who are not required to share any information regarding an incident of alleged sexual violence to the Title IX Coordinator.

Responsible Employee: University employees who are Non-Confidential. They will safeguard the UMBC community member’s privacy, however they are required to immediately share the known details of an incident to the Title IX Coordinator.

For more detailed information regarding reporting, please click here.